ESTADOS DA ARTE – 2A TEMPORADA – NORTE/NORDESTE (States of the art – 2nd Season – North, Northeast)

TV Series - 13 episodes of 26 minutes

Co-production: Caboré Audiovisual
Direction and conception: Eduardo Goldenstein
Executive Producer: Katya Goldenstein, André Santos
Production Director: Babi Baracho
D.P: Alex Araripe
Script: Julio Cesar Carvalho
Editing: J.C Oliveira
Production: Aion Filmes 4K, 2022

Synopsis: Beyond the modernism movement of the 22nd week and the concretism of the 1950s, movements centered on the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis, artists active in the North and Northeast of Brazil never ceased to produce potent art that dialogues with the surroundings and the world. This season, what is proposed is a displacement of the dominant image of what is conventionally called “Brazilian art” in traditional circuits, to reveal the beauty and power of a diversity that is often unknown to the general public.

Instagram: estadosdaarte_serie